1st science and sounds conference hamburg

8-10 September 2022

The interface between music and medicine has a long tradition in Hamburg since the 1990s, not least sealed in 2011 in a cooperation agreement between the University of Music and Drama (HfMT) and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Music in medicine, music as medicine, music medicine, music therapy in medicine, music therapy in psychotherapy or psychosocial care – the classifications of this interface are wide and prime examples of comprehensive, cross-disciplinary thinking and practice.

To quote a few research outcomes, the application of music by trained music therapists results in shortened treatment time in intensive care units, reduced medication, better pain management, less pre-surgery anxiety, less agitation, better coping with chronic or lethal illness, improved wellbeing in palliative care, improved mental state, emotional self-regulation or social functioning in psychosocial care, psychotherapy or psychiatry.

This conference points out three fields of music medicine and music therapy, such as music therapy itself, healing soundscapes and musician‚Äôs health. These topics form the cornerstones of the new Center for Music Medicine and Music Therapy at the UKE, which is to be founded in cooperation with the HfMT. At the very same time, this congress is kick-off and opening of the Center. 

With its diverse program, the conference is addressed to experts and students from human medicine, music therapy and/or music (Thursday & Friday) and, additionally, in the open forum (Saturday), to interested visitors who want to cross disciplinary boundaries and learn by experiencing new fields of music in medicine. Thursday and Friday will be in English, Saturday in German.

As organizers we hope to  empower and inspire the collaboration between the institutions UKE and HfMT, also providing a productive  setting for the International Society for Music in Medicine ISMM as our co-organiser, as well to further interdisciplinary collaboration between the disciplines dealing with medicine and music.

Sincerely yours,

Sebastian Debus
Conference Chair

Karin Holzwarth
Conference Co-Chair

Dorothee von Moreau
Conference Co-Chair

Ralph Spintge
Scientific Chair

Program - click to open the day

This public expert symposium focuses on the interfaces between music medicine, musician’s medicine and music therapy. International experts provide an introduction and overview into the fields that build the cornerstones of the new Center of Music Medicine and Music Therapy at the UKE. The evening program will be the kick-off and opening ceremony for the new Center.

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University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Erika-Haus (W29) Martinistraße 52
20246 Hamburg‚Äč



Session I



Session II


Musicians‘ Medicine


Eike Sebastian Debus
Klaus Felix Laczicka






Session III


Healing Soundscape


Eckhard Weymann
Clemens Wöllner

Session IV


Music Therapy and Music Medicine


Karin Holzwarth
Dorothee von Moreau

Evening program


Details to follow

Traditionally, ISMM invites a special round of experts in conjunction with international conferences. Participants from around the globe and from various disciplines discuss future developments, definitions, standards and educational goals for research, education and clinical applications. Results may be published as memorandum, continuing earlier such statements.                                                     

Round of experts
International Society for Music in Medicine (ISMM)

University of Music and Drama Hamburg
Fanny-Hensel-Saal and room Budge 13
Harvestehuder Weg 12 (Eingang Milchstraße)
20148 Hamburg



closed session 1
Music Medicine and Music Therapy

Ralph Spintge

Room Budge 13


closed session 2
Musicans‘¬† Medicine

David Baaß


Break („Cliff“)

ISMM general assembly


Ralph Spintge

Excursion to the UKE


Dorothee von Moreau

Music Therapy
at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)
– Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
– Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
Martinistraße 52 (Haus West/building 35)
20246 Hamburg


Music therapy at the UKE
Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, -Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

Carola Bindt
Hauke Böhmer
Dorothee von Moreau


Music therapy at the UKE
University Heart and Vascular Center Hamburg

Eike Sebastian Debus
Karin Holzwarth
Pia Preissler


Konzert (gef√ľhrte Generalprobe Oper Carmen)
Eike Sebastian Debus

Das Offene Forum richtet sich an alle Interessierten ‚Äď seien es Kolleg:innen oder Studierende angrenzender Berufsgruppen, Expert:innen aus Erfahrung, Angeh√∂rige oder einfach Neugierige. In praktischen Workshops erfahren Sie etwas zu einschl√§gigen Handlungsfeldern der Musiktherapie, zu Gesundheitsfragen von Musiker:innen und zur akustischen Gestaltung eines Krankenhauses.

Vorläufiges Programm (Stand 06/2022)

Offenes Forum (in Deutsch)


Vortr√§ge zur Er√∂ffnung des Centrums f√ľr Musikmedizin und Musiktherapie


Eike Sebastian Debus

University Medical Center
Hörsaal Anatomie (Building N61) Martinistraße 52
20246 Hamburg‚Äč

ab 10:00



Er√∂ffnung und Begr√ľ√üung
Dorothee von Moreau und Eike Sebastian Debus


David Baaß


„Healing Soundscape“ im Krankenhaus
Pia Preissler


Pause und F√ľhrung zum




Workshops und Präsentationen im 45 Minuten Turnus
(Seminarräume Campus Lehre N55)




„Ich kann meine Gef√ľhle schwer beschreiben, aber in der Musik kann ich es ausdr√ľcken“ – Einblick in die Musiktherapie mit jungen Erwachsenen im Zentrum f√ľr Psychosoziale Medizin im UKE
Franzska Knabben

‚ÄěMusiktherapeutische Vertiefungen.“ Fallvignetten aus der psychodynamischen Musiktherapie

Nicola Nawe



Healing soundscapes

„Die Suche nach dem Raumklang“¬† – Raumerkundungen“
Pia Preissler

Klanginstallation f√ľr Warter√§ume

Goran Lazarevic




David Baaß




Verleihung der G. Katja Loos Medaille

im Rolf-Liebermann-Studio des Norddeutschen Rundfunks NDR
(Oberstraße 120, 20149 Hamburg)


Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

Erika-Haus (W29)
Anatomie, Gebäude/building N61
Campus Lehre, Gebäude N55
Martinistraße 52
20246 Hamburg

University of Music and Drama Hamburg

Fanny-Hensel-Saal and room Budge 13
Harvestehuder Weg 12 (Eingang Milchstraße)
20148 Hamburg

Conference chair

Prof. Dr. Eike Sebastian Debus

Conference co-chair

Prof. Karin Holzwarth
Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Moreau

Scientific chair

Prof. Dr. Ralph Spintge

Scientific committee members

Prof. Dr. Ralph Spintge
Prof. Dr. Suzanne Hanser
Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Härter
Prof. Karin Holzwarth
Prof. Dr. Joanne Loewy
Dr. Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre
Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Moreau
Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Isgard Ohls
Prof. Dr. Martin Scherer
Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Jan Sonntag
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Stegemann
Prof. Dr. Gitta Strehlow
Prof. Dr. Michael Tauth
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Weymann
Prof. Dr. Clemens Wöllner
Prof. Dr. Christian Zöllner

Organizing committee and members

Prof. Dr. Eike Sebastian Debus, Hamburg

Prof. Karin Holzwarth, MfMT Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Moreau, HfMT Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Ralph Spintge, ISMM
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Weymann, HfMT Hamburg 

Attendance fees and registration

yxz ¬† ‚ā¨ + VAT


Registration fees are plus 19 % value added tax and incl. ….

Notice that this registration fee does not cover transportation fee and accommodation fee.

-to follow-

Contact and further information

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eike Sebastian Debus, FEBVS, FEBS
University Heart and Vascular Center Hamburg
Department for Vascular Medicine
Vascular Surgery ‚Äď Angiology ‚Äď endovascular Therapy

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
Martinistraße 52
Gebäude Ost 70, 4. OG, Raum 336
20246 Hamburg

Conference office and registration contact

CSi Hamburg GmbH
Goernestraße 30
20249 Hamburg